PV – Radar software

PV-Radar software

Taking care of your pharmacovigilance for you

For the last couple of years we were working on a software product for pharmacovigilance, with an experience in medical domain in the Egyptian market, a wide inclusive and intense market research to understand the market needs better and better and a sheering well on supporting the market with its needs to fulfill the gaps we finally came up with PV-Radar

What to Bring

  • ICSR Management
  • ICSR E2B (R2) Reporting support
  • XML validated ICSR
  • Follow up ICSR support
  • Null case ICSR support
  • Duplication Check
  • Signal detection
  • Send ICSR externally
  • CSR online submission by doctors
  • PV Process Management
  • PSHF management
  • PSUR management
  • RMF management
  • PV calendar
  • Remainder notification
  • With Technological support
  • Automated
  • PSMF
  • Disaster recovery
  • Full data exporting
  • 24/7 monitoring and auto alarm
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Full audit trial with auto scaling
  • Secured private network
  • Subdomain abilities

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Regi-flow Software

Regi-flow Software

Need a registration workflow to your inhouse registration departement employees? then Regi-flow is your guy

workflow software to organise, schedule the registration process containing the required steps, tasks, timeline and reminders “notifications” for each step of the registration process

What to Bring

  • Medical records
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NOOR Products

Noor Products

High quality natural wellness solutions, made with Halal ingredients; free of pork, alcohol and sustainable sources

Halal, Natural and Certified , these are the three main advantages that makes NOOR vitamins different

There’s no doubt that there are plenty of vitamins in the pharmaceutical market that fulfill multi-individual needs but if you look closely you could never neglect the fact that there is a need for Halal Certified vitamins in the pharmaceutical market and this need must be fulfilled

EMCO has the warrant and authorization of NOOR halal, certified and natural ingredients vitamins for those who seek a vitamin with any of all these factors


you can know more about NOOR by visiting their website from here containing all their info, client testimonial and various products of halal certified natural vitamins